Time To Stake!

discover Cardano!

Time To Support art by staking to our Pool, discover Blockchain and be part of Cardano Network.

First Stage of Donation, 10% of the Operation fees to Art Projects.
First  Stage will end in :
Softcap in 180 days
Why choosing TTS17?
We do not want to bore you with elaborate real-time monitoring data of my pool, you can just expect that the pool works for you 24/7.
TTS17 is a team, which is made up from few but professional people in Technologies. All members are passionate for new technologies and enthusiastic by BlockChain, especially with the Cardano Project.
  • Network Architect
  • Network / Cyber Security
  • Network Automation, Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligent, BlockChain Enthusiastic

Piece of Mind

Stake your ADA on multiple high performance cluster nodes backed by the best infrastructure available across the planet. Powered by DigitalOcean.



We are an Honest participant of the network, we vow to never never cheat or exploit the protocol



Total Pledge 60.000 ADA
Cost per Epoch 340 ADA

Current Pool Margin is 1.0%

Our Mission
Arts and culture are the main force against stagnation of society.
The power of the greatest art is the power to shake us into revelation and rip us from our default mode of seeing.
For that reason we decided that we will support each art form. We will give 10% of our operation reward to artistic projects.
If you are looking for funding for an artistic project Contact us and we will be happy to Support you.
The Pool

Pool ID: 5790d62ab1ba703e861fe800f9cefaaf1485c3ca42c6ba9ce74690a1

Ticker: TTS17

Name: Time To Stake

Description: Time To Stake – Time To Support Decentralization!

Total Stake: 2,177,569

Tax Fix: 340

Lifetime ROA: 4.9%

Blocks Lifetime: 139

Pledge: 60.000

ADAPOOL Rank: 427

% - ROA Lifetime
% Saturation
Euros Donation
Blocks = 139
Pool Performance
3.4% Saturation
1% Margin
3,10% ROA (M)
4,9% ROA Lifetime
Pool Performance
139 Lifetime Blocks
340 ₳ Fixed Cost
717 Delegators
106% Lifetime Luck


Sunning Servers
=2xRelays + 1xProducer
Our Strategy and Project Plan


Cardano – The idea

Sep 2017

Byron era began – Foundation

Sep 2017

Delivery of the Daedalus wallet

Jul 2020

Shelley era – Decentralization

Mar 2021

Goguen and the Smart Contracts.


Basho era of optimization.


Voltaire era – Governance.

  • Sep 2017Byron era began – Foundation.
  • Jul 2020Shelley era – Decentralization.
  • 202xBasho era of optimization.
  • 2015Cardano – The idea.
  • Sep 2017Delivery of the Daedalus wallet.
  • Mar 2021Goguen and the Smart Contracts.
  • 202xVoltaire era – Governance.

Cardano is the first blockchain platform to be built through peer-reviewed research, to be secure enough to protect the data of billions, scalable enough to accommodate global systems, and robust enough to support foundational change.


Frequently Questions

In Proof-of-Stake, stake pools servers participate in the blockchain by being elected to create blocks to confirm transactions for the blockchain. Similar to mining, stake pools and their stakers receive rewards for creating blocks.


By using a wallet interface like Daedalus or Yoroi, you can stake your ADA through a delegation center.


Rewards in your wallet appear 15 – 20 days after staking to a pool. Rewards are distributed automatically. Refer to the Delegation Cycle for details.

Every epoch (5-day cycle), a stake pool’s rewards are totaled based on a stake pool’s performance, which is the number of blocks the pool made vs. the number they are expected to make.

No. By staking, there is no risk of losing ADA. Also, you do not send ADA out of your wallet to stake.

Stake pools do not contain any staker’s ADA or private information about their wallet, so your ADA is safe while delegating. A stake pool that is compromised may yield lower returns or lose their pledge.

Digital Wallets
A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys and interacts with various blockchain to enable users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance.
If you want to use ADA, you will need to have either Deadalus or Yoroi wallet.
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